My cat FeLV+ Linus has had an excellent response to
intravenous sodium ascorbate (non-corn vitamin C from McGuff
Labs) (worked up to 1 gram per pound of body weight) for his
FeLV+ induced lymphosarcoma and has in fact now lived 1.5
years beyond the time when the vet said he would have
expired from the cancer without the drips.  

I would be happy to provide the protocol particulars
(provided to me by Smith Ridge Veterinary Clinic in Salem,
New York) if you think your cat could handle the fluid load
of the twice weekly infusions and his kidneys functioning
well enough to void the fluid.  It is also important that
the cat be eating in order to have the vitamin C drips
because of the possibility of low blood sugar but otherwise
the drips are very safe and seemingly without side effects.
Lymphoma is one of the most responsive cancers to this

Sally Jewell

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