Pat, Im so sorry to hear that. Im glad your Mandy was able to pass
peacefully, and what a wonderful life you gave her - happy, eating, purring,
until just 2 days ago. And it's because she was with you, that this was
possible. Im so sorry, it's incredibly hard to lose our animal family


On Fri, Oct 23, 2009 at 4:24 PM, Pat Kachur <> wrote:

> My little Mandy passed yesterday afternoon.  In addition to her leukemia,
> she was partially blind, totally deaf and had a benign tumor which was on
> its way to keeping her from being able to walk, and recovering from a UTI.
> But until just two days ago, she was happy, eating a lot, purring.  She
> passed very peacefully.  But, even with 6 other cats, she has left a big
> hole in my life.  I miss everything about her.  She was about 9 years old.
> Pat
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