Jenny, I am so sorry Autumn had to leave you. I'm sure she is at the Bridge
telling everykitty how much her mommy loved her. Hugs to you.

Diane R. 

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Hey Alice,

Thanks for asking.  Actually, Autumn stopped eating again last week and I
found a large (3-4 inch) mass in her abdomen.  I knew it was a large
lymphoma so I let her stop eating and she died two days ago.  I miss her
deeply.  She was so young and vital so full of life and love.

I sincerely believe the Imulan and ambrotose could have save her life if I
had started it earlier.  I wish someone had told me about it before she was
knocking at death's door.  It is likely she had the lymphoma at the time I
started treating her.  Her bone marrow was resonding and so I am devastated
I didn't start earlier, but I did the best with the knowledge I had at the

I am so glad yours are doing well.  It sounds like you have started early
enough and they have a chance.  I am so grateful for that.  It seems that
this is an illness that needs to be treated when there are few or no signs
or symptoms only a positive test.  When we wait, it is too late.  It is a
shame most vets tell you to do nothing or put them down.

Have their CBCs improved?  I believe their energy was improving, right?  If
it were me, I would continue the treatment and have them retested for the
virus in a few months.  Maybe they'll turn negative.

Thanks for asking, Alice and may God bless you and your little ones.


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> Just wondering how she's doing-We are into our 2nd month with the 
> treatments and all is great with our 2. Alice 
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