Crystal, I'm so sorry about Nibbler. I lost Duncan last summer, Charlotte in 
April and Chutney a few weeks ago. Chutney's passing was a shock because we 
didn't know he was positive. He had tested negative just 6 weeks before he 
died, but then his sister Bridget tested positive, so I know that's what killed 
Chutney. I dropped off some info on LTCI at my vet's office today, and I'm 
hoping we can start Bridget on it soon. Maybe, just maybe, she'll have a chance 
at a somewhat normal life. I'm willing to try anything.

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Thank you everyone. You all are truly very wonderful and caring people.
Nibbler made it to 16 weeks.  He took a turn for the worse a couple days ago.  
Fortunately, he was purring and happy and we got to hold him as he went.  I 
know he is in a better place even though this is the worst broken heart I have 
ever had.  Nibbler is now in Heaven.


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