Demodex mite is a possibility. Is he real itchy?
The clumps and itching are what Coco had. It's hard to find the mites as
they are very small. They can apparently live on the animal and if their
immune system is compromised the mite can start affecting them. Coco was on
steroids and that shut down her immune system and then we had the mite
problem. She had to have lyme baths.

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Hi all.  My 1 year old FeLV+ male cat has started to have some hair loss on
his head and neck.  I noticed a bit of a bald spot on his neck a few days
ago with a small scratch (he plays rough with his brother).  I didn't think
anything of it as I thought maybe he just scratched the hair off.  Then I
noticed that the top of his head had some balding spot.  This evening I
noticed an entire clump of hair missing on top of his head.  I haven't seen
him scratch or act any differently.  He still lets me pet him.  I haven't
changed his diet or environment.  He seems to be eating normally and
drinking too.  I'm at a loss.  I plan to call my vet and take him in if this
doesn't improve in the next couple  days.  Any ideas on what this could be?
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