My 3 year old Kong was diagnosed with FeLV and nonregenerative anemia 6 months ago. The vet told me he had about 3 weeks to live and sent him home with me to presumably die. Needless to say, he didn't die, and today seems as happy and healthy as he was before he was diagnosed! Don't give up--anemia isn't always a death sentence.

Kong had 3 blood transfusions while he was hospitalized, and I know the red blood cell cycle of a cat is short, so I was worried that when the transfusions wore off he would be right back where he started, but so far he is holding his own. He has been taking Prednisolone for the entire 6 months, and we are close to weaning him off of it. I guess the real test will come when the pred is totally stopped.

I wish you the best of luck with Casper. Kong literally came back from death's door (he couldn't walk, was hypothermic, had a heart murmur...if I hadn't gotten him to the vet when I did, he would've been dead within hours) and hopefully Casper will be as lucky as he was.

--Ashley and Kong

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