Bridget will talk to you when the time is right.

Two months after Demon and Sheba passed, they sent me a kitten.  Not just any 
kitten, but a special needs kitten.  He had been abandoned under my house, and 
we found a little black streak flying off the front porch where we keep dry 
food for our outdoor friends when we pulled in the driveway a couple 
consecutive August afternoons.  So I put the humane trap out with some wet food 
in it, and, just like clockwork, two days later we had a small black furry 
bundle, about 8 weeks old.

Turned out he tested positive for FeLV.  Not wanting to put the little guy to 
sleep, we decided to keep him in the bathroom for three months and retest him.  
That was when I started to educate myself about FeLV, and hence why I am here 
to console you about your loss now.  Funny how life works, eh?

Three months later, he retested positive for FeLV, and FIV as well.  Plus, he 
has a slight birth defect in the back where he is not in 100% control of either 
his tail, his sphincter, or his bladder.  He's gotten much better as he's 
gotten older, but there were days when we struggled with keeping him, because 
we were changing the sheets and blankets on the bed once or twice a day.  Even 
today (9 months), he gets shut in the bathroom at night lest he cuddle with 
Daddy and get so relaxed he pees in the bed during the night.  How many others 
would just put him down?  Or put him outside, to further the FeLV population?

Demon sent Junior to me because he knew this special Daddy's boy needed someone 
to take care of him.  He couldn't have told me any clearer with an old, raspy 

Bridget will talk to you, when the time is right.

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