Laura, I just looked back and realize you lost all 3 kitties in just 30 days
PLEASE be gentle with yourself and give yourself time to grieve. It was
suggested to me: every morning write down one thing I am grateful for, one
way I am going to bring joy to myself that day and one way I am going to
bring joy to others that day. It has helped me.

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You might be right about that. I know a woman who's a medium, and when we
spoke last night she said that Bridget was sent to me to give me two
lessons:  one, to learn to let go; and two, to trust my instincts more.
Well, that's great, but if I'd trusted my instincts she'd still be alive!
She also said that Bridget doesn't blame me and she is very happy on the
other side, but will come back to me three days after her death (Saturday).

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please, please remember that we do the very best we can at the moment, with
the information at hand. you know, and bridget knows, that you would NEVER
have done anything willingly to hurt her. you did what you thought was best,
in her best interest. it may be true that you choose not to listen to an
inner voice, but it may equally be true that that was the last lesson that
bridget was here to teach you: to believe in that voice the next time.
sometimes we only learn that sort of lesson this hardest way.

i think that we try to take the blame for things because it's easier to
think that we could have done something differently, changed outcomes, than
to accept that we are, in many many situations, powerless. the healthiest
cat can die from a simple surgery, or a undetected wound, or some genetic
glitch we had no idea existed in its DNA soup. all we can do, for any of
those in our lifes, regardless of species, is love them to the best of our
ability, and know that every minute is a gift.

GLOW to guide Bridget across the bridge, where she was met by many others
who have gone before her. and as many others have said, she WILL come to you
when the most intense pain has diminished a bit.


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