jeni, i have NEVER seen or heard about mutated versions of FeLV--FeCoV, yes,
which mutates into FIP. but this is something completely new, and i would
like to see some backing for the statement.

there is significant research that implies that many truly positive FeLVs
NEVER become symptomatic, and that they are NOT contagious--the 2008 AAFP
guidelines show the citations for this, and it is NOT new research, just

i have also never seen any ACTUAL data proving the latency theory: with cats
who are never retested after a negative test, there's no way that we will
ever know that the cat wasn't positive all over. there has just not been
enough research done to know how long a truly positive cat DOES shed the
virus. they DO have a pretty good idea of that with FeCoV, because it's so
common (over 100 strains, i believe).  i guess i want a definition of
latent: yes, a positive can go years without becoming symptomatic, and if
that's all it means, fine. however, i've been seeing if used for cats who
only test negative once....

more input, as they say!

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