Yeah, it's felv type c.  You know how there are three types A and B being
those transmitted and C being the mutated form that primarily causes
disease.  Let me see if I can find a good paper.


On 4/20/10, MaryChristine <> wrote:
> jeni, i have NEVER seen or heard about mutated versions of FeLV--FeCoV,
> yes,
> which mutates into FIP. but this is something completely new, and i would
> like to see some backing for the statement.
> there is significant research that implies that many truly positive FeLVs
> NEVER become symptomatic, and that they are NOT contagious--the 2008 AAFP
> guidelines show the citations for this, and it is NOT new research, just
> ignored.
> i have also never seen any ACTUAL data proving the latency theory: with
> cats
> who are never retested after a negative test, there's no way that we will
> ever know that the cat wasn't positive all over. there has just not been
> enough research done to know how long a truly positive cat DOES shed the
> virus. they DO have a pretty good idea of that with FeCoV, because it's so
> common (over 100 strains, i believe).  i guess i want a definition of
> latent: yes, a positive can go years without becoming symptomatic, and if
> that's all it means, fine. however, i've been seeing if used for cats who
> only test negative once....
> more input, as they say!
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