I have not used Revolution on Wolfie.  

Wolfie is still acting himself, is eating fine but he is definitely getting 
weaker in the back legs.  It's really hard to see because I don't think things 
are going to get better.  He has food and litter on the main floor but is still 
choosing to do stairs (making me a nervous wreck).  He's starting to have a 
tough time with the kitchen floor (linoleum) so I'm putting carpets down to 
help.  Wish I could do something more for him but I always feel that way when 
my leuk positives start going downhill.  I hate this disease.  

Looking for opinions here.  Wolfie's calcium was 11.6 when the blood work was 
done.  Normal is 8.2-11.5.  The vet at Cornell wants me to draw another sample 
to check his active or ionized calcium to see if his Calcium is actually high.  
Would you put your cat through this if your gut is that he doesn't have long?  
I asked what we would do if it's high.  She said we'd look at all causes and 
rule them out and if none of those applied, we'd alter his diet to try bringing 
it down.  He's anemic and having trouble with his legs.  Would you pursue 
something like this or let him be in peace?


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> them a question regarding the Re: weakness in hind legs
> thing??
> I want to know if they had used Revolution on any of the
> cats that had that
> weakness in hind legs problem... Thanks, Carmen
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