Amy, based on what you have written I wouldn't worry about the high Ca right 
now.  What was his phos level?  There is an issue when both Ca and Phos are 
high but again that wouldn't affect his hind legs.  It could be the anemia.    

In the end we do what we can with the resources we have.  He's lucky to have 
you loving him.

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> Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] rear leg weakness- Revolution used? and update
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> Date: Wednesday, June 30, 2010, 12:12 PM
> No idea why he has hind leg
> weakness.  I'll researched all the causes and none seem
> to apply other than the leukemia.  He has had routine
> blood work every 6 months of his life and we have monitored
> him very closely as we do all our positive cats.  No
> major problems other than some weight loss and IBD over the
> past couple years.
> I don't think I've ever taken one of my positive cats to
> the vet that some level hasn't been off.  Historically
> when I've drawn more blood or done further testing, it
> always ends up being nothing.  I spend lots of money
> and put the cats through lots of testing and then 6 months
> later, the value is normal again.  I've just grown to
> step back and not flip out every time I see a low or high
> value for that reason.  I have to say I still feel sick
> every time I see the HCT drop in one of them though. 
> So that's my hesitation with taking 3 ml of blood from a
> non-regenerative anemic cat.  He just had a full
> CBC/Chem which is not a small amount of blood and I'm afraid
> to draw so much blood again when I think his time with me is
> limited to begin with.  
> The only thing I can come up with as a cause of the hind
> leg weakness is long term steroid use.  I read that
> it's more common with injectable steroids so not sure if it
> even applies to pred.  He's been on pred for almost a
> year.  However, I have no doubt that it is the one
> thing that has kept him alive.  Neither me or the
> specialist I'm seeing are even considering taking him off
> that as I have no doubt he will crash.  We tried
> weaning him off it a year ago after treating him for
> hemobart and he started going downhill quickly.  That
> said, his bone marrow is shot.  He's been
> non-regenerative for over a year and making red blood cells
> from his spleen or elsewhere.  We knew he couldn't do
> this forever so I'm not shocked at where we are, just
> sad.  Since he's been anemic for a year and holding
> steady, I guess the weakness could be a result of the anemia
> as well.  Yet he doesn't seem weak otherwise
> really.  He sleeps a lot and yes it's obvious he
> doesn't keep
>  up with the other cats but not so weak that it takes too
> much energy to walk in my opinion. 
> His liver and kidney values are all normal. Appetite is
> normal.  No signs of lymphoma after 2 ultrasounds,
> probably has IBD and is on EVO which seems to have helped
> keep that in check.  His calcium is just over normal -
> 11.6 with normal being 8.2-11.5.  I looked at blood
> work from all my other cats and they all run towards the
> high end, 10 or higher.  So I'm weighing the risk worth
> the benefit of drawing another 3 ml of blood to see if he's
> really got a high calcium vs just waiting it out and if he's
> around in a month or so, rechecking it then.  Any
> thoughts or suggestions are welcome.
> Thank you everyone for all the suggestions.  My gut
> tells me that he is close to the point of losing his battle
> with this disease.  I always try to keep hope and
> remain optimistic but watching one cat after another be
> taken down by this disease, it's hard to keep the faith
> sometimes.  Fingers crossed, Wolfie will pull through
> this and defy the odds as he has until now.  
> Amy  


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