Your kindness will never be forgotten.  It takes a wonderful person to take 
care of animals as you do.  

Melinda Kerr 
On Aug 18, 2010, at 4:27 PM, Karen Griffith wrote:

> All of your messages touched my heart and brought tears, as I see that there 
> are so many other caring, loving people out there.
> I buried her and put the name 'Lovey' (as I had never had a cat named that) 
> in marker on plastic over her before I filled her grave...Thanks, she 
> deserved a name.  'Edith' my 18 year old grey and tan calico sat along side 
> as I buried her.  (She had come up on the porch when I found the kitten and 
> was keeping her company until I found her.)
> Please don't condemn anyone for this kitten's situation, because someone 
> cared enough to bring her to me to try to help her.  We live in a rural area 
> that has hit 17.9% unemployment in this economy and has over a 30% poverty 
> rate.  I do a lot of free emergency work for horses, cats, and dogs and 
> whoever it was at least knew that I would try to save her.  I just wish they 
> would have brought her sooner or left me a note telling me how and when the 
> trauma to her head had occurred (animal attack, vehicle, abuse, etc.)  It 
> would have given me an advantage in successful treatment.
> Again, thank you all so much for your kind words (they eased my pain) and 
> caring so deeply for the wellbeing of the animals.
> My sincere thanks,
> Karen
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