An HCT of 8 is critical, if it isn't stopped very quickly, the cat will die shortly. My vet did transfusions on two of my FeLV cats, she should definitely seek a new vet. The vet should have been able to tell if the anemia is regenerative or non-regenerative. If non-regenerative, not Hemobart. If he suspects Hemobart, did he start the cat on Doxycycline (the drug of choice for Hemobart)? I would say the chances for the cat surviving without a transfusion in the very near future is very slim, even with a transfusion it may a longshot.


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just got an email from a rescue i work with, about someone who adopted
a FeLV positive a few months ago. kitty is NOT doing well--with a
hematocrit of 8. she asked her vet about doing a transfusion, and he
said that's not done with FeLV cats. well, other than getting a new
vet, i'm asking you guys for help. (he's also saying it could be
whatever-they're-now-calling-hemobartenellosis.) i've got all the info
from the rescue, and the contact info of the cat's mom.

i know that some of you have experience with this, which i do not: if
any of you are willing/able to help walk lisa (the human) and josie
(the cat) through this, please let me know! feline anemia boards? i've
suggested she check www.adopt.bemikitties for local vets (she MAY be
in the miami, FL area, but not sure on that yet--that's where the
rescue is), as well as amer assn of feline practitioners for a vet
near her, but i think that talking with someone who knows what they're
talking about would be a big help.....


MC, out of her depth

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