Usually, a transfusion with un-typed blood can be done once, but there is a risk. If the blood is typed and a matching blood used, the risk is very slight.


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I always caution people about transfusions based on my own experience. Our kitten needed a transfusion due to her levels being so low which she did get. After the transfusion she perked up and seemed like she was getting better however an hour and half after she started to crash. Three hours later she was dead. The vet said that cats can have a bad reaction to the transfusion and in essence 'reject' the new blood. I wasn't aware if this before hand. I would have rather had a few more days with her rather than be blindsided by her death by transfusion....if she was going to die anyway.

Hopefully someone can give some helpful suggestions - I just know that transfusions, depending on the circumstances aren't always the best answer. I know too that we tried procrit but that took too long to have any effect and ultimately was pointless.

Prayers for Josie...

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