Seeking input...we have a beautiful young Siamese rescue kitty who tested
FIV/FELV positive (the FELV was that controversial "light" positive) and is
awaiting retest, of course we did not want to stress her immune system so
were waiting to spay her (just found her a couple of weeks ago) but I was
worried this would likely happen, she is in heat.  I would guess that is
also a stress to her system, but am not really sure what we should do.

I am a rescuer & highly involved with feral cats/TNR so spay/neuter is
always a priority but of course the hopes of clearing the FELV is right now
the biggest hope for this little girl's life....any input is appreciated.  I
asked my vet and she really wasn't certain what to advise & is going to get
back to me.


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