A screen door is what I use. After my cats have looked at
the newcomer for a couple of weeks they are well acquainted
when I let the new one out.


On 09-21, Natalie wrote:

> A screen is the best thing!  I installed a screen door between a
> bathroom and another room, where newcomers get to know others, or
> it's used as a sickroom.  That's the best way! You can take a drop
> of vanilla, rub between your palms, and then touch all cats on the
> sides of their faces where they have the facial pheromones. They
> will all smell the same.  Right now, of course, it's also the
> visual factor. Feliway spray also great, but costs $$$$. Good luck! 
> It will happen.  I do it all the time, and now there are about 70
> cats living in coexistence, that doesn't mean that there are no
> little cliques of cats, no disagreements, but they know "their
> space"!
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> So here is a question about Integrating a New Cat.... I've got
> Lucky in the back bedroom.  The other 3 hear him meow.  Some even
> peer under the door and hiss at him.  So, what's next?  Just open
> the door and say "Hello, everyone!"?  Or maybe put a screen or
> fence up so they can see eachother for a few days?  It's been a
> week and I figured after another week it's time for poor Lucky to
> join the crowd (after everyone is vaccinated, of course).  I'm
> stressing out over what to do. Help?

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