If you have "pissy cats", as I do, I found that the best cleaner is a 50/50
white vinegar/water mixture (in a spray bottle) - I wash all surfaces with
it, it's fresh-smelling, does a great job, and not harmful to cats and
environment. The vinegar odor dissipates very quickly. There are a 1,000
great uses for distilled white vinegar.Natalie

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I feel your pain, I have in and out cats (live in a complex in the city away

from any possible cat-predators and in a house recessed from the street,
patio but with a grassy green area in front of my unit) as my place is
small and I have several cats. 2 are indoors only (or just the patio) as
have a hard time with the 5+ foot wooden fence, they only go out if I'm
and when I got back in I call them and they come right in. One can get out 
easily but prefers staying in with mommy (his actual mommy) and me.  2 of
if I keep them in they will meow as if I was skinning them alive... well one

meows the other constantly runs around looking for a way out, and one is
feral and feuding with my other females so is almost always out, but she's 
adopted the  patios of several neighbours so I always know where to find

When it's bad weather and if I go on a trip (and have a catsitter) I close
in and suffer the consequences, ripped up stuff, peeing around etc...

Then I took in a little stray that turned out to be FeLV+. His room is the 
garage but when I'm home I let him in the house and supervise him. Call him
intervals, check where he is. He's gotten used to being checked up on and I 
noticed that I could do this with letting him outside too. Mostly because
so quick and sneaky he managed to get out once when I was closing the door.
to stop of I would have closed it on him (little daredevil) but I followed
out and not alarmed at all called him back and petted him a while prior to 
taking him back in. The result is I can take him out now for actual "walks"
a dog without a leash. He follows me if I change direction from where he's
and if I call him back.

There  is another feral cat outside that I feed and my little Felv+ Angel
is really happy to have a home and doesn't want to leave... just visit the 
outdoors every now and then) probably was in feuds with him before so once
took off and chased him. I had to run after them like a crazy lady and then
him and uncerimoniously put him in the garage. No fuss. But somehow he got
and that was the last time he chased him.

They're pretty smart and when they want to please you they figure out what
want from them if you can give them clear messages, and no cat wants to
you like a stray you took in, I'm sorry to say. It's so sweet, but it's so
that they would be made to feel that way.


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I forgot to add that on our very small base there are no wild animals, most 
strays are caught almost immediately ( Fuji is collared and chipped) and the

likelihood of Fuji coming across and getting into a confrontation with
cat are very slim.  Most people who have cats brought them from the states
have already had them vaccinated.  Again, very few are actually let out.
speed limit on most of the base is less than 40 kilometers per hour (about
mph.)  I know there are a lot of things she can come across if she goes 
outside.  I'll probably keep trying to sit out with her as I have done since
got sick.  However, if she occasionally manages to escape my clutches, I
worry too much!  She stays pretty close and always comes home in a couple of

hours.  I really am trying to do my best to keep her healthy and happy.  

Thanks again for your input and concern.  

Melinda and  Fuji  
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