Thanks, Sharyl.
I slept in Lucky's room with him last night -- he is still nocturnal and wakes me up throughout the night. He slept good last night on the bed with me until 4 a.m. This morning, after everyone had had breakfast, I brought Lucky out into the hallway (holding onto him). My boy-cat Will got a good look, as did Miya the rehab'd feral. Stormy has seen him before. There was some general anxiety, but I figure, it's a start. I'll get some feliway and try that too. The worse part now is his meowing and pawing the door at night. I'm exhausted! ----- Original Message ----- From: "Sharyl" <>
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It is always best to go slow. After another week you could put Lucky in a carrier and set it in a room used by your other cats. You could put the others in his room and let him roam the house for an hour or so. That give them all a chance to get used to each others scent. It would also give Lucky safe time to explore the rest of your home. Here are some links you might want to read on introducing a new cat.

You can add Bach Rescue Remedy to everyone's water. Feliway diffusers strategically placed around your home will help calm everyone.


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So here is a question about
Integrating a New Cat....
I've got Lucky in the back bedroom. The other 3 hear
him meow. Some even peer under the door and hiss at
him. So, what's next? Just open the door and say
"Hello, everyone!"? Or maybe put a screen or fence up
so they can see eachother for a few days? It's been a
week and I figured after another week it's time for poor
Lucky to join the crowd (after everyone is vaccinated, of
course). I'm stressing out over what to do.

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