Ok, I will get some Feliway and see if it helps her on the trip :)


I didn't think about water spilling.we're going to have to make a lot of
stops anyway because I'm having knee surgery Tuesday and have to get out and
stretch like every hour or two.I can try to get some food and water in her
on those stops and when we stop for the night.


The vet hasn't really said anything about transfusion since the bloodwork
came back. We had taken her in on a Friday, so had to wait until Monday for
the FeLV test results. He gave us antibiotics for her, and called Friday
night to let us know some of the bloodwork tests had come back and that she
is VERY anemic and that it looks like her bone marrow is not making new red
blood cells. He was gone that next week, and another doctor gave me some
hope, but was also very realistic about it. Once he was back in the office,
he called and was very adamant about putting her down. I asked about pain.if
she might have any and how I would know if she does. All they told me was
she'd cry out and would pant like a dog. They said I would definitely know
something had changed and that it was important. She has never done those


I might try both.? Feliway and rescue remedy.?


I never thought about the hot water helping make it more tasty.I assumed
people said to dilute it because she probably doesn't have much energy to
chew food. but, I need to keep getting water into her, too.so maybe a little
hot water in her food would be good :)


Don't be sorry.I hope I didn't come across.like.I was snapping at you.I
totally didn't mean for it to sound that way :)


Ok, 0.25 ml. I'm sure that wouldn't be too much.the bottle was saying 2.5ml
for a 25lb dog or cat.but I want to make sure I don't OD her, so I will do


Thanks a ton for the info and suggestions :)


This is just so hard on me and my husband (who Lydia "claimed" as hers the
moment we brought her home :)   ). She is just so amazing :)





Yes, any pet supply store carries Feliway.  There's even a dog counterpart

available now.

Don't put water in there - it'll spill and everything will be wet.  Give it

to her once in a while off with an eyedropper.  We have traveled a lot with

our cats and dogs - cross-country, to Europe and back....

Transfusion isn't always IT - does she really need it according to the vet?


Rescue remedy can be given anytime - it's not a shot - cannot interfere with


PetTinic - sorry, I forgot to answer: My vet prescribed .25 mL twice a day

for an adult cat with regular anemia (he was not FeLV+).  He always reminds

me not to give too much of it.

If you use a small amount of really hot water in the food, the flavor comes

out and cats love it.


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