I asked some questions a couple days or so ago, and got some wonderful
responses! However, I have not figured out how to reply to messages on here,
so I am starting a new thread.hope that's ok.


I got Lydia's lab work and it reads as follows (I am only posting the tests
that came up outside the normal range):

Globulin=2.8 (should be between 3.0-5.6)

Total Bilirubin=0.5 (should be between 0.0-0.4)

Direct Bilirubin=0.4 (should be between 0.0-0.2)

Cholesterol=68 (should be between 82-218)

Glucose=153 (should be between 70-150)

Potassium-3.6 (should be between 3.9-5.3)

A/G Ratio=1.2 (should be between 0.4-0.8)

RBC=3.44 (should be between 6.0-10.0)

HCT=16.0 (should be between 29-45)

NRBC=5 (should be between 0-2/100 WBC.WBC=9.1 - should be between 4.2-15.6)

Neutrophil Seg=18 (should be between 35-75)

Lymphocytes=57 (should be between 20-55)

Monocytes=5 (should be between 1-4)

Eosinophil=20 (should be between 2-12)

Auto Platelet=70 (should be between 170-600)


Then there's these, I have no clue what these (and most of the above) are.

Poikilocytosis - Slight

Platelet Comments - Platelets appear moderately decreased (50,000-120,000)


Remarks: WBC Corrected for presence of nucleated RBC's

                    Acanthocytes - slight


                    Slide reviewed microscopically


Absolute Neutrophil Seg = 1638 (should be between 2500-12500)


Everything else showed as in the normal ranges listed with them.


At the top of the first page it says:

Reticulocyte count=0.7 (should be between 0-1)

Absolute reticulocyte=24080 (should be between 0-50,000)

"An absolute reticulocyte count greater than 50,000 of blood is considered
evidence of regenerative anemia."

 Degree of regeneration: (aggregate reticulocytes)

                         <15,000 - NONE

                           50,000 - SLIGHT

                         100,000 - MODERATE

                       >200,000 - MARKED


FeLV antigen (ELISA) - POSITIVE (result has been duplicated)


I hope this isn't too long to post.I had no idea what people would or
wouldn't want to know. These results are of blood that was drawn on 9/17, I
have no idea what her numbers are now.


I did get her eating some stage 2 meat baby food. She's only eaten half a
jar, but that is more food in the last 24 hours than she probably ate the
few days before that.and before the baby food her food mostly consisted of
water. I am not force feeding at this time, since she sniffs it and eats on
her own, and drinks water on her own when she's thirsty.


She does seem to have some difficulty swallowing, but she is still getting
food and water down.


Also, what is the correct dosage of Pet Tinic for her? She is MAYBE 5lbs,
and the bottle says : dogs and cats 2.5 ml per 25lbs of body weight. So she
should get a fifth of that, which would be 0.5ml, right?


Thanks to anyone who has helped and might help in the future.and sorry again
for making this so long.



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