Gloria, I am so very sorry. Gentlest of Bridge vibes to Chloe, and hugs to
you. I am sure she is with all her friends who have gone before. 

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My Chloe died today - she's a gray and white FELV kitty, a lovely and sweet
kitty.  I got her in Sept 2005, from a lady in Oklahoma named Jennifer.
Jennifer had been a vet tech, and had FELV cats, but when her baby developed
serious problems and she needed to pass her specia needs cats on to someone
else, and I took them.

One by one they have passed on.  Chloe was the last - she was 15 or  
16, claws had grown out, and she was having some kidney problems.   
Fall is so dry, it seems to be hard on kidney cats.

Chloe was a sweetie and had a soft and gentle passing.  I kept covering her
and trying to keep her hydrated and warm, but she said no mom, I don't want
the cover on me. Sleep soft sweet Chloe.


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