Thanks Gary!  I don't have any sick Felv cats right now but have had plenty and 
wondered about and tried various  treatments. Glad to get your info. 


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> Unfortunately, these updates are not good news.
> ACEMANNAN:  I used this to save several FeLV cats, it works.  Sadly, the 
> company that made it - Carrington Labs - went out of business and it is no 
> longer available.  On Saturday I will give the last of my Acemannan to a sick 
> kitty and hope that will be enough.
> STAPH PROTEIN A:  I have never had the chance to use this, but there were 
> some pretty encouraging trials a few years ago and my vet got some from a 
> university.  The vet said it worked very well in temporarily reversing anemia 
> in Felv cats, giving them another 5 or 6 months of good health.  This product 
> was never approved for the treatment of animals and is stricly used in 
> biological research.  You must be a legitimate bio researcher to buy it and 
> you must swear it will never get into the hands of anyone not authorized to 
> use it.  So, in reality, you cannot get it.
> Would the list owner please update the website about these treatments.
> Gary 
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