I really like the way your vet thinks and wish more had the same protocols. 
Unfortunately mine doesn't so I direct him as to my wishes for my pets when 
they have ANYTHING done in the office now so I control what is done to them. 
Knowledge really is power and I just wish there weren't so many that blindly 
trust their doctors, veterniarians and the general 'powers that be' in our 
society without educating themselves first. I had to learn this lesson the hard 
way after my cats got sick. They were vaccinated and spayed/neutered the same 
day when their immune system was now in hindsight being compromised by an 
active coronavirus mutation and the weakness allowed it to further develop into 
FIP. One had wet (Gus, who died at 9 months) and one had dry (Scout who died at 
8 months). Neither of these cats had FeLV and only received distemper and 
rabies vaccines and were 100% healthy prior to their surgeries/vaccinations. 
That's enough about that, I just hope people can benefit from my terrible 

Michelle Brockman
"It is when we forget ourselves that we do the things which will be remembered" 


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> My veterinarian NEVER vaccinates cats at the time of surgery,
> illness...unlike many vets who insist on vaccinating no matter how ill the
> cats are.....Cat owners do not bother finding out which vaccines to choose
> or not, depending on a cat's lifestyle....many blindly accept a vet's
> vaccine protocol....getting FeLV and FIV vaccines when it isn't warranted,
> neither going outside or exposed to other cats who might have it.....I have
> yet to see a vet who adheres to the latest protocol for FVRCP instead of
> yearly, every three years. It's all about the money with many
> vets.....Personally, I have not have cats with injection site sarcomas, nor
> from FeLV vaccines - have never used them yet. I have only two healthy
> FeLV+ cats that are very healthy.
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