Since all your other cats are negative, I would not hesitate to start a process of integrating into the household. I assume you're asking since you once had an FELV positive at one time, but as I understand that virus is very fragile and doesn't survive long outside the body.


On Dec 8, 2010, at 10:52 AM, Peggy Verdonck wrote:

About 6 weeks ago, our cat Oreo got sick and tested positive on Felv. She went downhill since that point and we had to put her to sleep a week later.
She was suffering!
We panicked about our 6 other (indoor) cats and had them all tested the same day Oreo tested positive. They were all negative, even after living with
Oreo for almost a year!
To be a 100% sure we will test them again in a while.

The thing is.....we rescued this 10 week old kitten yesterday evening. Found him in the bushes besides a dumpster at a gas station, and decided to take
him home because we didn't think he would survive the freezing cold.
He is now warm and safe in our bathroom, separated from the rest.
My question is.....would it be safe for him and the others, to have him tested for Felv/Fiv and if negative, vaccinate for Felv and integrate into
the group in about 2 weeks.
Again....our other cats are negative but there is still a small chance that
there might be a positive test result in the 2nd round of testing!

We really would like to keep him and give a good home. But if it appears to
be a bad idea we will find him a good home with someone else.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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