Daisy started marking when she came in heat. She had an appt for spaying. It
was at a low cost clinic so I  could not get an earlier date. That was the
first of many times she peed on my headboard. Nothing like waking up to
that., Oh and yes she has very strong scented pee. It has actually gotten
better, but I cwould recognize her pee amell anywhere. She came form animal
control. I am thinking maybe out of feral cats. Who knows. She also
comunicates differently. She will bat at me or scratch my legs to get my
attention. Usually means she wants outside. Silly cat.  Yep I heard that
about 8 cats as well. I have had over eight cats for at least 10 years and
yes my oldest displayed this problem as well.


> Sally(me), Eric (not a cat),Junior(angel), Tiny(angel) Fluffy(soul mate
> angel), Lionel(angel),Speedy, Grey and White, Ittle Bitty, Little
> Black(MIA), Lily, Daisy, Pewter, Junior Junior, Hotdog (newest) Silver, and
> Spike
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