I agree with you on the "uneducated" part in the beginning... I had always been 
asked if I wanted to vaccinate my cats but knowing little and never knowing 
anyone with a (+) I figured it would never happen to us, and even thou it has 
has been a blessing... i realized just how precious he is to me, and just how 
much cleaner i need to keep things not only for him but the whole famly as well 
I know sooner or later our time will be up with him, but at least he not only 
taught us something but... we gave him everything we had. 

~Joz & Zoey~ 

Date: Sunday, January 9, 2011, 12:20 AM


My vet is the same way, when we found out about Zoey I about had a emotional 
breakdown, she gave me a hug and said it was not a death sentence, just a 
different way of living. He has been symptom free since he got sick & we found 
out, they are more than wonderful too as far as constant check ups and good 

~Joz & Zoey~

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