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>>I don't usually go to Chicago for vet care.  I am in the Burlington WI
area so I know the vets here.  Depending on what you're looking for, there
are different options.  For a cheaper vet that I think is very good
(conventional medicine and doesn't know much about alternative,. she's
fairly open about trying different things and she was the only vet I found
that would do a blood transfusion for about $150.00).    Her name is Brenda
Long and she owns the Burlington Longview Vet Clinic.   There is an
alternative vet that does house calls in the area.  She's good, but I'm not
sure about her prices.  


It looks like the expenses mostly incurred are on labs.  That's more
difficult for a vet to control as they usually send the tests out.  You need
a vet that does them in house or a vet that doesn't need all the fancy tests
and can do a bit of detective work clinically.  I really would recommend
Burlington Longview.  Hope this helps.<<


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