At age 78 I still do rescue work, as I have for many years. I see
some heartbreaking cases, which upset me terribly, and there are times
when I wish I could just stop doing this, but I find it impossible to
abandon the many cats out there who so desperately need help. I too
get upset when I read about sad things that happen to cats, but for
every sad story there is one with a happy ending....... Rescue work
is extremely stressful and this group is one of the few places where
we can go for support.


> On 01-22, Emeraldkittee wrote..........
> I sincerely appreciate your suggestions, and take them to heart. I
> will not accept your judgement however. I'm sorry it's hard on you
> emotionally, from behind your keyboard, but I can assure you it has
> been likewise on me on the frontline.? This should be a place for
> gentle support and compassion. We are all good people here doing
> the best we can.? Case closed on this one. ? --

> On Sat, 1/22/11, Laurieskatz <> wrote:
> From: Laurieskatz <>
> Subject: Re: opinions on strange situation (kitty to adopt)
> To:
> Date: Saturday, January 22, 2011, 8:52 AM
> I no longer do rescue. I did offer to help this kitty financially,
> I think I suggested cat TV videos and I suggested C&W shelter if he
> is positive. I also emailed privately a list member who lives in
> Chicago to ask what vet she goes to. It is hard on me emotionally
> to hear about kitties in need (from your earlier report this kitty
> lives alone in a room so frustrated that he masturbates- did he
> have toys? A window? Cat TV?) without the writer then taking steps
> to help the kitty. Curious how this will "sort itself out" without
> your intervention. Thanks for all you do. I think I just need to
> stop reading posts about cats in need.  My best, L

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