It will sort itself out by me getting him tested, and determining if he's 
really positive, continuing to work with this lady, and networking with some 
local fosters who care for FeLV and could possibly take him, of which two are 
already aware. How does this smack of 'the writer not taking steps to help the 
kitty' as you said?   If he's negative, it's a whole different story.  The room 
had perches, toys, a tv, radio, and he had his own run outside, a large tall 
enclosure for warm months. I was shocked, happily shocked.  you can see a 
different story was painted over the phone and it seemed desperate.  There is a 
care taker for the ill relative that lives there 24/7 who I personally talked 
to who adores the kitty, and makes him chicken.  A small part of me did feel 
taken for being led to believe it was dire.  He has a full see through door so 
he can see the rest of the house.  Who could not agree that a kitty mere hours 
away from having his life
 drained out of him is in more need of immediate focus.
I am well aware of C&W and many other organizations that I am in contact with - 
fosters, as well. These are all possibilities.  
I sincerely appreciate your suggestions, and take them to heart.  I will not 
accept your judgement however. I'm sorry it's hard on you emotionally, from 
behind your keyboard, but I can assure you it has been likewise on me on the 
frontline.  This should be a place for gentle support and compassion.  We are 
all good people here doing the best we can.  Case closed on this one.
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From: Laurieskatz <>
Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] opinions on strange situation(kitty to adopt)
Date: Saturday, January 22, 2011, 8:52 AM

I no longer do rescue. I did offer to help this kitty financially, I think I
suggested cat TV videos and I suggested C&W shelter if he is positive. I
also emailed privately a list member who lives in Chicago to ask what vet
she goes to. It is hard on me emotionally to hear about kitties in need
(from your earlier report this kitty lives alone in a room so frustrated
that he masturbates- did he have toys? A window? Cat TV?) without the writer
then taking steps to help the kitty. Curious how this will "sort itself out"
without your intervention. Thanks for all you do. I think I just need to
stop reading posts about cats in need. 
My best,

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