The few truly good sanctuaries that I have encountered have been small 
operations with multiple humans living on site.

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> If you are considering any sanctuary
> for your animals, please visit that
> sanctuary personally to see how the animals are cared for
> and if it is what
> it says it is. Our special needs sanctuary for felines has
> five very nice
> buildings and a brand new large sixth building is being
> completed or will be
> by  March. It will have a clinic room for our med tech
> and spay/neuter
> clinics, a storage bay, overnight guest 'apartment' for
> volunteers who come
> and help us and room for cats. The PETA report on the S.C.
> sanctuary is
> horrific and it also gives the word 'sanctuary' a bad rap.
> We need more
> positive stories.  Just be sure to visit if you take
> an animal to any so
> called 'sanctuary. It is very important. We always tell
> people to come
> either first, or take the kitty home with you if we are not
> the fit for your
> cat. It is the staff that makes the difference for us, the
> board and our
> volunteers as well.  We have a couple cats coming from
> a so-called 'rescue'
> (gone bad) and the animal welfare groups we are working
> with are doing what
> they can for the animals. The cats have been kept i 1.2 x2'
> cages one since
> she was 9 weeks old and she is 5 years old now. Needless to
> say she is kind
> of 'crazy' and adoption challenged. I have never been to
> Caboodle Ranch but
> there have been many problems there. On Facebook you will
> find a lot of
> information from Caboodles Angels, all who have taken a cat
> there and it
> went missing very quickly..
> Carmen and furs at Rustic Hollow Shelter.
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