We have removed cats from homes
 when we've found out they declawed. Our contract strictly prohibits it.
 Those things are usually handled through a lawyer, though. You don't 
want to go about it the wrong way.


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Edna, that's exactly what I tell people about letting their cats out just
because they want to.  I ask them if they would allow their 3-yr old to play
in the middle of the street just because he/she wanted to?  When I hear "but
the cat gets out", I tell them that they control the door, period!  Our
adoption contract stipulates "strictly indoors" - but, there's no real way
of enforcing it except to spot check wherever the cats live and hope that
adopters understand the reasons for it.  I have removed several adopted cats
over the past 18 years.  A friend, who also has a cat rescue group, doesn’t
allow declawing (we don't either), came to her vet, and noticed one of her
adopters picking up her cat after spaying....she looked into the carrier and
noticed the poor kittens front paws bandaged.....she gave her an earful, but
what was she to do, take the cat back and have this person declaw yet
another one?  Since then, we made it perfectly clear to that veterinary
hospital that no cat that was adopted from us can be declawed, and should a
customer ask for it, we must be notified immediately! Thank God that my
other veterinarian would never declaw!

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