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That's horrible, and many people do not realize what it entails and how many
cats lose their lives - they think it's a manicure...but many vets are to
blame.  Several people told me that after adopting from us, they went to
their own vet, and after telling them that the cats will be kept indoors
only, the vets said "Oh, you have an option to declaw!"  Banfield Health.
The group at Petsmart, offers a big special for "kitten health" - all the
vaccines, exams, and declawing for a very good price!  I wrote to them about
declawing; they wrote back with the most ridiculous comments.  If anyone
would like to see their reply, I'll send it privately.  Last year, I was
informed that they will no longer cut ears and tails on dogs, because it's
purely cosmetic...I wrote to them, asking their policy on declawing since
they have made that big leap on no longer mutilating dogs, they might have
reconsidered doing it to reply from them.
O always ask people what they would prefer, a few things scratched up or
urine-soaked carpets and furniture.....Besides, not all cats grow up to be
scratchers...and providing good posts and trimming their nails works well.

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