May be the term should be hearts of gold instead of denser????

No clue on the testing. I have been blessed with one beautiful FeLV+ (Dixie Louise Doodle Katt, JP) and have several ferals of unknown status (it just doesn't matter at this point). Suggest you check the difference in cost and realize you may have to go to the next level whether you use the office test or not. Also consider some of the supplements others may offer.

One of the ferals has runny eyes but it seems to be the result of a fungus I am trying to treat....really fun with a non-compliant cat with four friends.:)))

Blessings to you for caring. Continue to be concerned about poison.......I am terrified about the cat that ate the mouse that ate the.....

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Some of us are just denser than gold.

Five of 7 tested positive for FeLV in March 2010 on in-house test. Issac, a positive, crashed in February. Vet had said to retest in a year. Do we now do the IFA or ELISA on everyone? Vet had vaccinated and given boosters to everyone at that time. We have switched from that vet.

Today vet said should do in-office test on positives.

Earlier this week some of you had kindly commented re: poisoning possibilities for changes in pupils of unclaimed cats who dine at restaurants. This vet said Henry's pupils were result of calcivirus or herpes virus post stress of neutering in September. I have known him since July 2010. He has never had runny eyes or pussy eyes or ocular discharge or respiratory symptoms.

There is a word for people unknown to each other who work on a project together for a Supreme Power. You truly keep me on the planet.

Blessed Be



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I realize now that I did not address the concern you posted about. I felt the need to educate you about the testing protocol for FELV because I would hate to see you cage a cat for 3 months that may not even be infected with the virus. You cannot consider a cat persistently viremic until they test positive on the IFA test.

If it turns out the cat you rescued is really FELV positive, she is not going to transmit the virus to your other cats through some chance encounter. It would take prolonged contact with your other cats to infect them with the virus. Even if they had prolonged contact, it does not mean your other cats would get the virus. Some cats are able to build an immune response and fight off the virus. I rescued a cat over the summer that tested positive on the combo snap test and the ELISA test but tested negative on the IFA. Thirty days later, he tested negative on the snap test, the ELISA test and continued to test negative on the IFA test. As a precaution, we tested again 30 days later, and he continued to test negative on all three tests. His body built an immune defense and fought off the virus

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I rescued a stray two weeks ago. Took her to the vet a week ago and they said she was FELV positive. She was starving when I found her, but she has gained weight and is looking good. Her eyes just glisten and she seems healthy. The vet said she was about a year old. She only weighed six pounds last week. I did not have the heart to euthanize her when she is not suffering. However, I have three healthy cats upstairs and I live in constant fear that they will escape to the basement where this cat we now call Amber is staying. I keep her in a nice cage during most of the time and let her out to get her exercise in the basement about four hours per day. My husband is building her a 8' long x 4' wide x 6' tall cage so she will have more room I do hate keeping her caged up, but don't have a choice. She is very sweet and it is just a sad situation. I tried to find a home for her but no one seems to want a cat with her issues. We are trying to be very cautious regarding the other cats, but it is does make me fearful. I plan to have her rested in three months. I am so new to this situation, so any
comments or ideas are much appreciated.

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