One of my 1st group of cats lost a small patch of hair where I applied the 
Revolution, but it came back in pure white.  So far, no problem with my new 
I like the idea of duct tape and lint rollers to pick them up.  Sure beats 
trying to pick them off one at a time.

---- Sally Davis <> wrote: 
>   Ticks are the worst near wooded areas and in the woods. They are in tall
> > weeds, and shrubs. We have lots of deer and deer ticks, the smaller ticks
> > carry lyme disease. It  even the nymph stage can tramsmit lyme. The deer
> > population has exploded here and so have the ticks. Last year the cats would
> > get in a nest of then and be covered with the small nymph stage. They would
> > engorge and I would have hundreds crawling on my bed. I uses a lint roller
> > and duct tape to get them up, but what a pain. They are not as bad this year
> > but I started using the  Frontline earlier. Last year I had to rush out and
> > get it where I could. I did not get the cheapest price, but I still bought
> > the dog size.
> >
> As for Revolution I was not going to go there but I did not have a problem
> with it. I have heard it is safer then the other fles controls, because it
> works in a different way. I am not doubting what your vet says. Poison is
> poison. Sometimes a cat will lose hair where it is applied and it says that.
> I did have this happen with one of my FeLV cats. He was the cat who probably
> had Feline infectious anemia which is transmitted by fleas so for him better
> to make sure there are no fleas it only takes one flea to infect a cat, and
> a feline leukemia postive cat cannot fight off the infection.
> I have not used the nematodes but I have been interested in doing so. I do
> not have a lawn and fleas tend to live in grassy areas. They just feed on
> our pets.
> Sally
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