Give Woodoo some time to get over being scared.  Hunger and need for your 
companship may bring him home to you.  I once had a cat that stayed away for 6 
days.  Then she showed up at the door demanding to be let in as tho it was my 
fault she was outside.
---- Melinda Kerr <> wrote: 
> Well, around midnight I heard my other cat meow and looked outside.  There 
> was a big yellow cat that I have seen hanging around a black cat.  And, low 
> and behold there was the black cat too!  However, if it was my VooDoo, he 
> didn't touch the food I left around front.  Tonight I will try leaving the 
> food in a more obvious place.  At least if it is him, he won't be hungry!
> As for trapping, I am a bit at a disadvantage.  We have a Japanese hardware 
> store in town, but I don't know if they have traps.  Since I don't speak or 
> read Japanese, it may be difficult to find.  
> Our base police often put out traps to catch the strays.  The problem is if I 
> ask them to help, I might be committing another kitty to a death sentence.  
> On base they put them to sleep after 72 hours.  We don't have any kind of 
> local rescue at this time.  I got some information from another base and want 
> to see if I can start some kind of foster/rescue program.  There are strays 
> here and there around the base.   Also, (I know you will all gasp) people 
> move back to the states and actually leave their babies!  So, at this point, 
> I hate to ask for traps to be put out.  Although, after another day or two 
> his wellbeing will be my first priority.
> Thanks again for all of your suggestions! ( I will check out the Facebook 
> groups to see if any of them are local and can help with our other issues!)
> Melinda, Fuji and VooDoo
> On Jun 24, 2011, at 11:16 PM, Melinda Kerr wrote:
> > Thank you for all of the wonderful suggestions.  As it is 11:00pm here in 
> > Japan, and I didn't get but a couple hours of sleep last night, I am going 
> > to bed.  I've left open the door that VooDoo tried to come in last night.  
> > There is a bowl of food and some water in the kitchen.  He can hide a lot 
> > of different places.  Fortunately, I am able to lock off that area and keep 
> > Fuji inside.  
> > 
> > I'll keep you posted.  I am hoping that the morning brings my kitty back to 
> > me!
> > 
> > Melinda, Fuji and VooDoo
> > On Jun 24, 2011, at 6:53 PM, Melinda Kerr wrote:
> > 
> >> Hello all,
> >> 
> >> It is with a very heavy heart that I am asking for some positive energy 
> >> from this group!  My son's friend left a door open last night and my 
> >> little VooDoo escaped.  He is terrified of being outdoors and all attempts 
> >> to capture him only scared him more!  We live on a military base and there 
> >> are no wild animals to worry about and the speed limit on base is 
> >> extremely slow.  My greatest concern is that around 2:00am, he tried to 
> >> come home and we absolutely scared him to death trying to get him to bring 
> >> him inside.  (He hasn't been out since he came to us as a five week old 
> >> kitten)  I'm worried that he might be afraid to come home.  
> >> 
> >> It breaks my heart to think of my little "kissing bandit", hungry, scared 
> >> and alone.  He doesn't tolerate dry food well and I know some of the 
> >> residents where I suspect he is hiding puts it out for the few strays.  
> >> This is such a heavy burden for me and I am not taking it very well.  
> >> Please just send your positive thoughts our way.
> >> 
> >> Thanks for listening.
> >> Melinda, Fuji and VooDoo
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