How about trying some baby food, just make sure that it's without onions.  I
always make a r=tasty concoction for cats that won't eat - I add some
NutriCal, some sardine oil, or tuna packing...whatever attracts them to it.
And if the cat won't eat, it must be smooth and liquid enough to be used
with a small syringe - if I want a little bigger nozzle opening, I cut it
When I had an incontinent cat dying from bone cancer, I had a shower curtain
liner on the sofa, covered with soft bedding - it really worked out well.
Good luck, Natalie

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MaxCat would need to be blenderized with a liquid to be syringe-able.   You
may also need to strain it 1st but the added calories is worth the effort. 
For more info you could join the Yahoo Assist Feeding group. 

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Yes, but is it a soft canned food (like pudding, cat's usually love it) that
she could syringe into his mouth if he won't eat?
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