So very sorry for your loss.  I post rarely but have been following Dexter's
story and it touched me.  About your Euthanasia question - I don't know the
answer but you may want to ask Dr. Cantrell to get the specifics of the
yellow liquid just for your own information (and because you will continue
to wonder).  Underneath your question is - did you do the right thing, soon
enough?  The answer is unequivocally yes.   Your love for Dexter and the
information you were provided in real time guided you to making the right
choices every step of the way.    I know because I’ve been there.
Euthanasia is very sad, particularly after a long struggle in the hospital.
I’ve beaten myself up for similar circumstances.   You did the best you
could (and yes your best was good enough).  In the end you helped Dexter
pass peacefully, which is a gift.  If Dexter could talk to you right now
what would he say?  He would probably say think of me with joy in your heart
for knowing me and please go play with my brothers and sisters for me.
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