Winn Foundation is legit and does a lot of good, I know they give
grants for FIP research, but I think they do grants for other cat
health issues as well.  If you go to their home page and click on
"Grants" you can see listings for what they have funded.  Each year
they put out a list of what projects they have funded.  I didn't see
anything for FeLV in 2010, but there was one grant for improving
lymphoma treatment.   My vet made a contribution in honor of my kitten
when she died of FIP.

Beth N.

On Wed, Jul 6, 2011 at 7:48 PM, Natalie <> wrote:
> I have no you know what exactly they do?  What's their website -
> let's look into it.
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> Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Dexter and Cali are together now
> Doesnt the Wynn Foundation do a lot of good work for cats?
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> On Jul 6, 2011, at 6:15 PM, Natalie <> wrote:
>> I have no idea - maybe we should all do some searches to see what's out
>> there and ask a lot of questions! I'd hate to donate to anyone who merely
>> uses cats for the sake of research; I'd like to see if there's someplace
>> where they actually treat FeLV+ cats while trying for a cure, not mere
>> research for research sake and getting their hands on grant money. I
> should
>> ask my veterinarian, he was co-founder of AVAR (Association of
> Veterinarians
>> for Animal Rights, now part of HSUS) whether he is aware of any real and
>> constructive research done on FeLV.
>> In the 90s, Cleveland Amory was on a show debating a researcher who got
>> lucrative grants for animal experiments, and not really contributing to
>> anything specific - just useless stuff!  Cleveland asked him about a
>> specific case (Please note: it was made up at that moment to see how
>> ridiculous and irrelevant some research is!), describing a really
> grotesque
>> scenario of one cat's eye sewn shut, while the other was sewn so it
> couldn't
>> close, electrodes attached to the forehead, tail cut off, feeding tube
>> inserted, etc. The researcher started defending every bit of it without a
>> blink of an eye.  When he finished, Cleveland boomed "Aha, I knew you
> would
>> defend just about anything to get your hands on grant money; I just made
> the
>> whole thing up!"
>> BTW- Cleveland Amory was my very first adopter of a kitten that I trapped
> at
>> the Greenwich dump in 1992 - Tiger Bear, an pale orange tabby with golden
>> eyes (after his beloved white cat Polar Bear died).
>> Natalie
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>> You are most certainly correct, Natalie! Anyone know of a Feline Leukemia
>> Society to donate to? Is there a group of scientists that are trying  to
>> find a cure or a better treatment plan for this deadly disease? Our poor
>> babies!!
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>> From: "Natalie" <>
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>> Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Dexter and Cali are together now
>>> It is always so sad to hear about any of our little furries succumbing to
>>> this horrible disease; I just wish that there were more available to help
>>> them to feel better or get well.  One would think, that after all these
>>> years, there would be more hope for them! What is it about this disease
>>> that
>>> makes it so complicated?  So many different symptoms that mimic other
>>> things....does anyone out there care to find a cure?
>>> I am so sorry to hear about all of the crossings over the rainbow bridge!
>>> Natalie
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>>> Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Dexter and Cali are together now
>>> Dear Cathy and Mark,
>>> I didn't realize you lost your little Cali. I'm so sorry for your loss,
>>> but
>>> I'm glad that Cali got to know your love and kindess. As I said to Ben, I
>>> pray you find comfort in knowing she's now happy and healthy. And when
> you
>>> consider that you'll have eternity together, this separation is but a
>>> speck
>>> of time. Cali just turned a corner before you did and one day, you'll
> turn
>>> that corner and there she'll be. She's not gone...just gone ahead.
>>> You're in my thoughts and prayers,
>>> Cindy
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>>> To: <>
>>> Sent: Wednesday, July 06, 2011 12:00 PM
>>> Subject: Re: [Felvtalk] Dexter and Cali are together now
>>>> Ben,
>>>> I guess Dexter knew that Cali needed someone to play with from Dallas.
>>>> We
>>>> lost our Cali last Monday and it has been to hard for me to even write
>>>> about it.  You were so helpful to our little Cali and Dr. Wright was
>>>> wonderful in the short time we had to make so many decisions.  We only
>>>> had
>>>> our little girl 5 months and she was tired (but a true fighter in her
>>>> short little life).  She ended up with fluid around her lungs and we
>>>> drained it once and it refilled back up within 24 hours.  She was so
>>>> tired
>>>> but she fought so hard for the five months we had her.  She was the
>>>> cutiest kitten but it was so hard to watch her laboring to breath.
>>>> I just want you to know that you and Dexter were a blessing to my
> husband
>>>> and I (and our little girl, Cali) and I promise, Cali and he are playing
>>>> together now with no pain.  Bless you, Ben, and thank you for all you
> did
>>>> for Dexter and for my family in our time of crisis and pain.
>>>> Cathy and Mark
>>>> ---- Ben Williams <> wrote:
>>>> =============
>>>> I'd like to start off this message by thanking all of you for your kind
>>>> words regarding Dexter over the past few days - - my wife and I have
>>>> shared
>>>> and appreciated every one of the emails - it's meant a lot to us.
>>>> Unfortunately, this morning has proven to be heartbreaking to us both -
>>>> we
>>>> received a call first thing this morning from East Dallas Animal
> Clinic's
>>>> Dr. Ken Cantrell that Dexter's condition had worsened over the course of
>>>> the
>>>> night.  After picking Dex up from the Emergency clinic yesterday
> morning,
>>>> we
>>>> immediately took him to Dr. Wright at Lakewood Vet Center.  Dr. Wright
>>>> has
>>>> been on vacation since last week and we were told that he would be back
>>>> yesterday morning - but he hadn't yet returned.  I took Dexter to see
> him
>>>> on
>>>> three occasions last week for his lymphocyte T-Cell Immunomodulator
>>>> injections, but was only able to see him that Monday.  When we took Dex
>>>> in
>>>> on Friday when the swelling of his feet and face had begun, we were
> given
>>>> no
>>>> advice by his staff who were unable to do anything other than give Dex
>>>> his
>>>> shot and usher us out the door.  They are all very caring people and I
>>>> don't
>>>> blame them for anything, but I feel that any vet who runs a practice
>>>> where
>>>> he is the only doctor on staff, should do a bit more to keep his
> patients
>>>> informed about his availability - that way precious minutes or hours or
>>>> days
>>>> aren't wasted waiting for him to return.  Fortunately, several weeks
> ago,
>>>> when trying to convince Dr. Wright to order the LTCI treatment (which
>>>> took
>>>> him over a week to do) I was referred to the East Dallas Animal Clinic
> by
>>>> the LTCI folks - they had used the medication before.   East Dallas
>>>> Animal
>>>> Clinic is a wonderful place.  We've worked with Dr. Ellsworth and Dr.
>>>> Cantrell there - - they are both compassionate and make a point of
> taking
>>>> calls from concerned pet owners.  They have both been wonderful to work
>>>> with
>>>> and have been open to taking every conceivable avenue with Dex's
>>>> treatment.
>>>> I only wish we had been seeing them from the start. We rushed Dex to
> them
>>>> yesterday morning as soon as it became clear that Dr. Wright wouldn't be
>>>> returning.  Again, I don't blame Dr. Wright, but when we took Dexter in
>>>> for
>>>> his checkup three weeks ago and Dr. Wright informed us that anemia had
>>>> set
>>>> in, his advice was to "take him home and make him comfortable."  A week
>>>> passed as I researched and tried to communicate with him about alternate
>>>> treatments and off-label meds.  When you factor in that week and the
> week
>>>> he
>>>> took to order the LTCI meds, that's two out of the last three weeks
> where
>>>> Dex had little treatment.  Again, why the difficulty in getting anything
>>>> done for Dex?  East Dallas, however, fit Dex in on the first day we
> spoke
>>>> with him and started him on Acemannan injections.  They had two
> remaining
>>>> doses remaining of that drug; a drug that was very beneficial to Dex
> last
>>>> year when he was first diagnosed.  they sacrificed those 2 doses for Dex
>>>> without question - had I gone to them earlier, perhaps it would have had
>>>> more effect on him. Regardless, Dex seemed to make improvements while on
>>>> Immunoregulin, LCTI and the acemannan.  FeLV and FIV are horrible
>>>> diseases,
>>>> though, and I felt like there was something always sneaking up on Dex
>>>> while
>>>> we treated him.  We seemed to reverse the anemia, but his Lymph nodes
>>>> were
>>>> swelling.  Some days they would go down, other days, they would blow up.
>>>> When the mystery feet and face swelling started last week, he even
>>>> responded
>>>> well with benadryl.  That thing sneaking up on Dexter?  Full blown
>>>> cancer -
>>>> it wasn't just in his lymph nodes, it was in his liver and spleen - it
>>>> had
>>>> probably made his heart swell.  His breathing was becoming more and more
>>>> labored and we struggled with the decision of when Dexter was in too
> much
>>>> pain to continue.  Yesterday, Dr. Cantrell started chemotherapy on Dex,
>>>> as
>>>> well as steroids.  He seemed to tolerate the meds well, but over the
>>>> course
>>>> of the night, he became more jaundiced and vomited, while his body
>>>> temperature dropped to 94 degrees.  His little body had given out as
> this
>>>> terrible disease had taken almost everything from him.  I say almost
>>>> everything, because when we arrived at East Dallas Animal Clinic this
>>>> morning, even though he was being hand fed oxygen while under a warming
>>>> pad,
>>>> little Dexter still had a playful wag of the tail when we placed our
>>>> hands
>>>> on him and told him how much we love him.  Dexter died at 8 this
> morning.
>>>> We are heartbroken that our sweet boy is gone and that he was only with
>>>> us
>>>> for a year and a half.  He was such a wonderful, sweet and special
>>>> kitty -
>>>> we will miss him terribly.  He was a huge part of our family - not some
>>>> "pet" or animal.  We have four other wonderful kitties at home who are
>>>> not
>>>> FelV or FIV positive.  They have been wonderful as our attention has
> been
>>>> so
>>>> focused on Dex for the last month and we owe them some serious one on
> one
>>>> time right now.  While all of the kitties get along well, Dex was the
> one
>>>> cat in the house that all the other cats adored.  He was never involved
>>>> in
>>>> spats with any of them and they all took turns cleaning him and looking
>>>> after him.  Dex was special to everyone.  In the end, I wish there was
>>>> more
>>>> I could have done for Dex - I look back at the timing of everything and
>>>> how
>>>> the last three weeks have gone for him.  Could the outcome have been
>>>> different?  I'll never know, of course, but I'm not done fighting this
>>>> fight
>>>> with FeLV and FIV.  These diseases took our boy from us and I will not
>>>> stop
>>>> until they are both a thing of the past.  Its the very least I can do in
>>>> honor of Dexter - a wonderful boy who fought with dignity and calm, and
>>>> above all else, the special brand of sweetness that only he had.
>>>> Thanks, everyone.
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