Do you know if the Interferon is available in Canada or Mexico?
The FDA is a real joke. My husband retired from Pfizer International
Marketing, and I've heard my share of things.....those who have worked at
big pharmas end up working at the FDA, and often the reverse is true to -
very handy for them!
All the antibiotics like Amoxicillin and Clavamox are pediatric oral
suspension formulas, merely packaged for veterinary us - that's why they are
ridiculously flavored with strawberry or pineapple type yuck that cats'
certainly don't like, but are made to tolerate.....I purchase those for a
fraction of a cost in Mexico - vets charge us a fortune for the same thing,
even though we get 50% discount. 

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You know, I've thought a lot about things that could make a difference and
the most important thing that could change right now is the lack of
availability of Virbagen Interferon Omega in the United States.  Why in the
world does it make any sense for the FDA to require millions of dollars
worth of peer reviewed studies to be undertaken for US approval on a drug
that has been effectively saving cat's lives for almost a decade everywhere
else in the world and has been used in hundreds of foreign studies.
Interferon Omega would have probably saved Dexter's life, plain and simple.
However, I can't get a drug for him (that has absolutely no abuse potential
in humans, by the way) unless I go through a 2 month process with the DEA
and FDA that will only result in a guarantee that any overnight package from
Europe that contains the medication that I've been given permission to
import, will be seized and held for months, only to lose its refrigeration
and spoil.  This is, of course, after I've spent about $1200 for the honor.

So, I suggest that we all start calling and writing our congress-people and
senators and demanding an immediate provisional approval be given for
Virbagen Interferon Omega to be sold in the US.  Heck, it's practically a
cure for FiP as well!
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