On 07-07, Cindy McHugh wrote:
> Hi Kat,
> I don't know about buying it in Mexico, but when I had an infected tooth 
> recently, I did some research and ordered Fish Mox online. From everything 
> I read, it's the same stuff that's prescribed by doctors and vets.  Oddly 
> enough, if my pets are sick, I won't take a chance and I take them to the 
> vet, but for myself, I'm willing to compromise a bit.
> Cindy
I can identify with that Cindy.  I recently got a bad cat bite and
used large dog size Clavamox. It is the exact same thing as human
Augmentin, which is the antibiotic recommended for cat bites. My arm
was all swollen up after the bite but the Clavamox worked great and I
saved money on a doctor bill and the Augmentin.  The last time I was
bitten it cost me $95. for the doctor and $45. for the Augmentin. 
Animal and vet meds are usually the same, but have different names,
so the trick is knowing which is which, what works, and how much to
take for how long.


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