Yes it is the best compliment, Maureen rocks!

Wow! You are diligent keeping those litter boxes cleaned out. I bet your kitties love you more for that! Lorrie, what a caring and loving person you are to have 15 cats! I would have that many if I did not have a husband, lol! (Note: my husband has told me several times through the years that if there is such a thing as reincarnation, then he wants to come back as one of my cats!). I bet ppl say the same to you :) ----- Original Message ----- From: "Lorrie" <>
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That's the best compliment ever.  A friend recently came in
my house and said she couldn't even tell I had cats, and I have
15, so I must be scooping the litter boxes often enough.

On 07-08, Maureen Olvey wrote:

If your friends come to your house and leave rather quickly then it
might smell.  But if they stay and visit for a while then you're
probably good ;-) Especially if you have friends that don't have
pets, they can't tolerate the smell for long.

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