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Thanks for taking care of Luke. It's very difficult taking 
care of a cat who fights your every effort to help her/hin.
You are very kind.


On 07-09, katskat1 wrote:
> Thanks to all I have decided if I can find the $ I am going to take
> Luke to the vet and have some/all of her rotten teeth removed.  She is
> obviously in discomfort and her breath has gotten progressively worse.
>  She is ratty looking and apparently has been sickly for a long time
> before I started feeding her as a stray but she still wants to live.
> I was very apprehensive about doing this to a cat that stays outside -
 > has to - won't come in, fights to get back out and my inside cats are
> ALL negatives.  But she sticks around and I don't have many options.
> Now, if only I could successfully medicate her.  She will not eat
> anything, kitten milk replacement, dry/wet food, treats, NOTHING with
> any med of any kind.  Trying to syringe her is like fighting a wind
> storm with lots of claws and then we are both so stressed we are
> breathing hard.  Not good for her.  Or me.  So I am trying to give her
> quality of whatever life she has........
> Hopefully yanking rotten, loose teeth will help.
> kat

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