Hi Bonnie,

 I would try to bring her over to your house, but not directly outside.

 Do you have a small room @ your house you can use for a few weeks? If so, you 
should keep her in there - with litter, food & water & a place to hide (large 
box with hole in it & some towels will do just fine) while you get her 
accustomed to you as her new care giver. Go in there everyday to be with her - 
even if you don't touch her. Stay in there for at least a half-hour & read 
something out loud (normal voice) so she can get used to hearing you. 

 If you decide to name her - use her name over & over when you go in to feed 
her. Praise her for being a smart & strong kitty. etc.

 Then after a few weeks, leave her in the room, but with a screened window 
cracked open a bit, so she can get used to the new neighborhood "smells" from 
inside. That way, when you do finally let her out (& put her box outside too) 
she will already be familiar with the surroundings & won't be so apt to bolt or 
run off.

 Good luck! It will be worth the time & the effort!!!

 Kat (Mew Jersey)

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Wish I would have thought to ask this yesterday! Now I’m literally an hour away 
from needing to decide.
The problem is that my aunt (who’s tame housecat I took) also had a “feral” 
living in her large yard. The cat showed up about 2 years ago, and for the past 
year I believe the cat has pretty much been a resident there (her only source 
of food?).
Yesterday I trapped her and took her to Forgotten Felines, the local and 
excellent TNR organization. Guess what? She had already been spayed. That means 
some (fill in the blank nasty term) ‘person’ had just abandoned her!
So here’s the dilemma: if I release her in my yard, she’s in a strange place. 
The only thing holding her near will be my good heart. If I take her back to my 
aunt’s house (which is to go on the market soon) god knows what will happen, 
where she will find food, and the next ‘trapper’ may not have as good a 
motivation as I do.
I see it as 50/50 for this poor cat.
But what would YOU do?
Thanks for your thoughts.
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