Great idea!

On 8/11/2011 6:19 AM, kathryn mundell wrote:
Hi Bonnie,

I would try to bring her over to your house, but not directly outside.

Do you have a small room @ your house you can use for a few weeks? If so, you should keep her in there - with litter, food & water & a place to hide (large box with hole in it & some towels will do just fine) while you get her accustomed to you as her new care giver. Go in there everyday to be with her - even if you don't touch her. Stay in there for at least a half-hour & read something out loud (normal voice) so she can get used to hearing you.

If you decide to name her - use her name over & over when you go in to feed her. Praise her for being a smart & strong kitty. etc.

Then after a few weeks, leave her in the room, but with a screened window cracked open a bit, so she can get used to the new neighborhood "smells" from inside. That way, when you do finally let her out (& put her box outside too) she will already be familiar with the surroundings & won't be so apt to bolt or run off.

Good luck!  It will be worth the time & the effort!!!

Kat (Mew Jersey)

happiness is being owned by cats ...

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