Poor Hemy must be very upset; but the fact that she's not lunging at you
when you tend to her needs, proves that she's not a true feral!  An outdoor
enclosure for your cats and Hemy (separated, and where she could live all
the time) would be great - then you wouldn't have to worry about her safety
and the birds! But if she has a cleft palate, how is she managing to eat and

Good luck!

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Dear All


Update on my "Dilemma" and numerous "questions"..

The little "feral" cat from my aunt's house is now safely in a large cage on
my back deck.  Phew!   Forgotten Felines lent me the cage and advised that
should be her transition place.  She's "mad as heck" and won't look at me
and hisses, but lets me clean the litter box, give her food and change the
water.  But this is only day 2.  She seems to be healing from her tail
amputation, and her hind leg wound/tumor (they aren't sure).  My goal is to
let her stay in my yard - not my favorite thing, but can work (birds:
beware).  I am open to finding her a home if she turns out to be friendly
enough.  I will Never take her to a "shelter" or give her away to anyone I
don't know and can't check up on.  She's had it tough enough already.

I call her Hemy (sorta short for Himalayan?).  She's "half"  lot of things:
she was already spayed; she is at least half Himalayan; she is half feral
and half friendly; she has a little clef palate; she is blue-eyed and
although looked awful with a damaged tail she is a 9 lb. 6 oz. beauty!  If
she ever forgives me for causing her this trauma, we may get to be friends!

I am considering building a larger enclosure for her, and maybe could use it
to give the indoor cats some time outside.

And thank you all so much for your help!  


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