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Feral is a badge of honor to some of us. These cats are the best and the brightest. They have survived when all the odds were against them. My little guys are ferals and they have lived with me, travel with me, and owned me for over three years....since they were 8 weeks old and came out of the pine thicket. One feral, the first to own me, lived in our homes for 16 years. He was born feral and died feral. It is almost a very special breed of cat although not a rare one.
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I pet sit for a "feral" cat. She was trapped & released & the lady re-released her at her new house when she moved. I would have to leave the front door open so she could sneak inside. She now runs up to my car & begs to be picked up. Yet the woman still calls her "feral", LOL.
So Hemy may very well come around.

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Poor Hemy must be very upset; but the fact that she’s not lunging at you when you tend to her needs, proves that she’s not a true feral! An outdoor enclosure for your cats and Hemy (separated, and where she could live all the time) would be great – then you wouldn’t have to worry about her safety and the birds! But if she has a cleft palate, how is she managing to eat and survive?
Good luck!
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Dear All

Update on my “Dilemma” and numerous “questions”….
The little “feral” cat from my aunt’s house is now safely in a large cage on my back deck. Phew! Forgotten Felines lent me the cage and advised that
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