Update and more questions.  Yesterday Fletch ate very well and ate quite a few 
treats too. He got up and walked around the kitchen for quite awhile. I was so 
hopeful that maybe he was over the hump. Wrong. This morning he refused to eat 
or drink and hasn't done so all day. I hav given him some electrolytes 3 times 
today. He didn't like that a bit. He had very watery poop with hard chunks in 
it. That happened twice. Once on the couch, which I have plastic on under his 
blankets, and then another time I ran him to the litterbox. His fever is 
back..I'm sure the aspirin wore off and he doesn't feel good at all. Is this 
how this disease is all the time? Is this what his life is gonna be like from 
now on? Because if it is, I can't see making him go through this. I don't think 
he enjoys any part of this. Maybe he ate too much yesterday, I don't know. Do 
they go thru this and then get better. Any insight will be appreciated. Where 
does the fever come from?
Thanks guys, I sure do appreciate each and every one of you.


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