My cat, Tigger is almost 5. he was born with FeLV. he lives with my other 5 
cats, ranging in age from 1 to 15. none of the others have teste=d positive, 
and they are checked yearly

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I was apart of this list 09/2000 when my husband and I adopted 3 kittens, and 
all tested positive. We lost little Vinnie at 8 months due to lymphoma, Molly 
developed lymphoma and we treated it. She lived 4 years, the lymphoma never 
came back, the feline leukemia took her life. Toots lived 9 years, no problems 
until the last month of his life he developed bone cancer. All 3 of my babies 
received interferon and dimethylglycine every night. Two years ago we adopted 2 
more kittens, they were negative. This past Friday my neighbor's daughter 
found a cute orange tabby kitten and asked us if we wanted him.  He tested 
positive, but it is not in his bone marrow. I have everyone separated, and am 
looking for a home. I know may people mix positive with negative cats, can you 
please tell if there are success stories out there or if negative cats became 
positive. Thanks, Jo Ann

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