thank you all for responding so quickly.  when i have more time I will review 
all archives. I hope i am posting correctly by sending these emails.  I see my 
post  is all chopped up (at least in my display ). Thanks for your advice.  I 
guess i will take things day by day.  thanks also for the  advice to get the 
other test as a follow up.i can only hope it turns out negative. I am worried 
about the redness of his gums which he is on an antibiotic for. Vet attributed 
it to gingivitis and teething but this was pre finding out the positive test 

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Subject: stray kitten positive any advice for me

I came across this site, having just been informed by the vet that the 
abandoned kitten I took in three weeks ago. Before I took it to the vet,  I 
have been keeping it in a separate room but admit that since it seemed so 
healthy I let it out for little walks.  I have 4 cats over 12 years old. Other 
than walking on the same floors, they have not had contact with this kitten.  
In our short phone call, the vet basically said that she would understand if I 
euthanized the cat and that she wasn't sure about false positive and whether 
retesting would be worthwhile. The cat also has hookworms.  When I took the cat 
in, she suggested that I give it its vaccinations before waiting for test 
results.  I asked if the cat turned out postitive, wouldn't this harm its 
immune system.  she said no.  Now when she called she said she was surprised 
that the cat tested positive since, other than the sore gums, which she 
attirbuted to teething and bad breath, she said it
 seemed healthy.  It does seem healthy , eats well and plays. and is the 
sweetest cat, loving and intelligent.  I am heartbroken about this. I'm sorry I 
haven't had time to read all archives but I work from home and also take care 
of my bedridden elderly mother.  Is there anyone out there would be kind enough 
to give me some advice? Thank you. PS  the test done was elisa and it just says 
"positive" the vet estimates the cat is from 5-6 months old.
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